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Are you looking for Winter Wheels Exeter for your vehicle?

Winters in the United Kingdom often come with rain, ice, low temperatures, dense fog, and in certain regions with plenty of snow. These whether conditions bring several challenges for car owners driving during the winter months.

Automobile experts recommend installing not just the right winter tyres but also the right winter wheels on your vehicle to maintain its optimal performance and ensure maximum driving safety.

We, Handy Tyres, offer a wide range of winter wheels Taunton, Exeter from some of the leading brands in the UK automobile industry. We retail alloy as well as steel winter wheels Exeter at reasonable rates.

Hence, you can choose the right product that suits your budget and car’s requirements.

Wondering which variant of wheel you should choose?

Let us look at the pros and cons of both variants:

Advantages of Steel Winter Wheels

Steel wheels have a robust construction and can efficiently sustain the heavy chassis of a vehicle. Further, the unique construction of these wheels helps them prevent corrosion and impact damage. They offer unmatched grip and vehicle control on snow-covered tracks. Moreover, these wheels are considerably more affordable than the alloy variants, and so are the costs of repairing them.

Disadvantages of Steel Wheels

These wheels are available in limited designs. Further, the sturdy construction of these tyres puts extra pressure on the car suspension system, thereby increasing the rolling resistance. Consequently, fuel consumption also increases.

Advantages of Alloy Winter Wheels

Alloy winter wheels have a lightweight construction that reduces the pressure on a vehicle's suspension system. Consequently, the suspension wear and tear reduce, and the vehicle's fuel economy improves. These wheels are available in many different sizes in various designs which add to the aesthetic appeal of a vehicle.

Disadvantages of Alloy Wheels

Due to their lightweight construction, they are susceptible to impact damages. Further, they are more expensive than their steel variants. Further, the costs of repairing alloy wheels are considerably higher than that of steel wheels.

In case you are not sure which wheels to buy or would like to have a look at them (there is no obligation), please come over to us and check our winter wheel collection.

Our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

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