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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing Exeter for your vehicle?

Are you experiencing some odd juddering while driving your car?

This can be a sign of imbalanced wheels. Keep in mind that unbalanced wheels can hamper the handling efficiency of a vehicle and can further lead to several driving safety issues.

Handy Tyres has got you covered in this regard. We offer trustworthy and cost-effective wheel balancing Taunton, Wheel Balancing using the most advanced machinery and technologies.

Why Is Wheel Balancing Essential?

Wheel balancing is the uniform distribution of weight across the tyre and wheel assembly. This ensures the wheels rotate smoothly even at high speeds.

Proper wheel balancing is necessary for the following reasons –

  • Ensures car control and handling stability
  • Provides you with a smooth driving experience every time
  • Improves the car’s mileage
  • Lowers tread wear, thereby increasing the longevity of tyres

What Are The Factors That Lead To Wheel Imbalance?

The following factors can cause wheel imbalances –

  • Misaligned wheels
  • Damaged shock absorbers
  • Damaged wheel rims
  • Uneven tread wear
  • Wrong inflation pressure
  • Damage in the suspension system
  • Driving on rough terrains and through potholes etc.
  • Wheels and tyres with manufacturing defects

Signs And Symptoms Of An Unbalanced Wheel

Following are the tell-tale signs of unbalanced wheels –

  • Odd juddering in the steering wheel or floorboard. In such a case, immediately address the issue with a reliable car workshop.
  • Frequent tyre wear, which further leads to increased driving noise. If you notice this, opt for services of wheel balancing Taunton.
  • In case you are facing decreased fuel economy, make sure to opt for a wheel balancing check at the earliest.

All the issues mentioned above can be corrected efficiently by our experts. Ignoring these can lead to further damage to the other car components. Moreover, you will have to pay hefty repair bills in the long run if you drive with unbalanced wheels.

Why Choose Us?

Opt for our service of wheel balancing through our portal. With the help of our latest machines, we use some basic steps to diagnose any issue in the car's wheels. Then, we will balance the inaccurate weight distribution across the wheel assembly.

  • First, we jack up your car and remove the tyre/wheel assembly
  • We then fit it into our balancing machine and rotate it at a very high speed,
  • Following this, we will note down the measurements and readings,
  • Finally, we attach eco-friendly counterweights to the external or internal surface of the wheel in order to maintain proper wheel balance.
  • The wheels are then fitted back on the car

All that will be done with absolute accuracy and in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, end your search for “wheel balancing Exeter” and choose us as your car’s wheel balancing service provider.

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You can also send us your queries at sales@handytyres.com.

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