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Installing tyres of the correct size is very important to ensure the optimal performance of your car. Furthermore, accurate tyre size is essential for maintaining vehicle control and steering precision. Manufactures strictly prohibit altering tyre size as it can lead to accidents, besides damaging a car’s structural integrity.

We, at Handy Tyres, offer a wide collection of car tyres Taunton across various size ranges and all car segments. Therefore, whatever car type you own, we have just the right set of tyres for your vehicle.

We know that understanding the alphanumeric tyre size code can be difficult; hence we have broken down the tyre size code to make you aware of what it means. This will help you select the right set of tyres from our portal that meets your budget and car's requirements.

Let us take the following tyre size as an example: 205/65 R16 95V

This tyre size code consists of several elements, such as –

Tyre width: The number 205 denotes the tyre's width in millimetres.

Aspect ratio: 65 represent the profile height of a tyre. This is expressed in percentage of its width.

Construction type: Letter R denotes radial construction of the tyre. Apart from radial, diagonal cross-ply (D) and bias belt (B) are used for tyre construction.

Rim diameter: The number 16 represents rim diameter and is measured in inches.

Load index: 95 denotes the load index of this particular tyre. This means that the tyre can sustain a maximum weight of 1521 lbs when fully inflated. Please note that the maximum load sustaining capacity varies with tyres.

Speed index: The letter V denotes that the maximum speed limit of this particular model is 149 mph.

Note: For vehicle-specific instructions, please refer to the car's placard.

Therefore, using this guide, you can buy tyres Taunton from us. Additionally, we offer services of mobile tyre fitting Taunton at a competitive rate. To know more, please call us on 07961 222393.

If you still have further queries, write to us at sales@handytyres.com. We will be happy to help!

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