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It is mandatory to use only EU labelled tyres in the United Kingdom. So, if you are planning to buy a new set of car tyres Taunton, you must be aware of the latest tyre labelling guidelines that came into effect from 1st May 2021.

We, at Handy Tyres, stock car tyres from the most renowned brands that strictly follow the latest EU guidelines. Furthermore, for the convenience of our customers, we have explained tyre labelling guidelines in the following section –

New Tyre Labelling Guidelines

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of car tyres will now range between A to E. 'A' means the tyre will efficiently reduce the rolling resistance and provide high fuel efficiency. On the other hand, 'E' graded tyres provide low fuel efficiency.

Noise Emission

According to the new set of rules, the noise emission rating of a car tyre will have an ABC rating. This means that products with an 'A' rating will have the least external noise. Models with a 'B' will have high external noise, and those with a 'C' are completely banned.

Wet Grip

Just like fuel efficiency, the wet grip rating of a car tyre will range from A to E. Products with an 'A' wet grip rating will have brilliant short braking performance on wet tracks, while those with 'E' have poor braking performance on wet roads.

New Additions to the Guidelines

Besides the guidelines mentioned in the above section, there are some additions to the EU labels that one should consider before buying new car tyres Taunton. These include –

  • Nordic winter car tyres label will now have a stalagmite symbol.
  • The tyre labelling of models built for snow performance will have a 3PMSF symbol.
  • All the EU labels will now have a QR code from where you can get information and verification of the respective product directly from the EU database EPREL.

Therefore, your search for “EU labelled car tyres near me”, ends here. Get the latest EU labelled set of tyres from our online portal. However, for further queries, please call us on 07961 222393 or write to us at sales@handytyres.com.

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